MCCSG Logo 2010The Merseyside and Cheshire Construction Safety Group is a voluntary organization  founded in 1982 and committed to raising awareness of health and safety issues within the construction industry.

We aim to provide a forum for the discussion of health and safety issues so that members can benefit from the experiences and knowledge of others in a similar position. To do this, we hold regular monthly meetings at which construction safety issues are presented and discussed.

We have the support of the major construction contractors in the North West and many smaller local contractors, designers and Clients. The HSE also attend all our meetings and support the group.  Our Group, together with two others (the North West Construction Safety Group and the CDM Duty Holders Support Group) make up the North West Safety Initiative.

Our Venue

We meet at the award winning Conference Centre at LACE situated on the edge of Liverpool’s largest park – Sefton Park. The venue is convenient for everyone in the North West, just five minute’s drive from the end of the M62.

Please feel free to come to any of our meetings as a visitor. Just call the Membership Secretary beforehand to let us know you are coming.

We hold our meetings at:

Conference Centre at LACE,
Croxteth Drive,
Sefton Park,
L17 1AA

Constitution of the Group

1.The name of the Group will be the Merseyside & Cheshire Construction Safety Group.

2.The aim of the Group:-To promote interest in Health and Safety in the Construction Industry for the benefits of those at work in the industry or those affected by such work.


The objectives of the Group are:-

(a) To promote and develop a spirit of co-operation between member companies in respect of Health,Safety, Welfare and Accident Prevention.

(b) To provide a forum for members to discuss openly, procedures, systems, equipment, accidents and events to the benefit of themselves or other group members.

(c) To provide facilities through regular meetings, speakers and seminars to enable members to enhance their health and safety knowledge.

(d) To promote a spirit of co-operation between the industry, the HSE and it’s subsidiary bodies.


Membership of the Group shall be open to all Construction and allied organisations within the area covered by the Group, on payment of the appropriate subscription.

The Health and Safety Executive are honorary members.

Any individual or organisation may be elected as a subscribing or honorary member subject to the discretion of the Committee.

Each subscribing member shall have one nominated representative who can hold office, vote and receive minutes.

Member companies may send as many representatives as they feel necessary to each meeting.

Notification and Minutes of Meetings will be made available to each member company.


The officers of the Group are:-

(a) Chairperson
(b) Vice-Chairperson
(c) General Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) Membership Secretary
(f) Executive Members
(g) Immediate Past Chair

Duties / Responsibilities of Officers

Chair the AGM, Executive, Extraordinary and General Meetings.
Act as spokesperson for the Group.
Provide leadership and direction for the Committee.
Manages Committee activities.
Delegates duties as needed.

Vice Chairperson
Carry out the Chairperson’s duties in their absence.

Keep the Group accounts up to date.
Report to the Committee and provide a report at the AGM.
Produce a set of accounts for annual auditing.

Membership Secretary
Liaise with the General Secretary regarding Membership.
Send out Membership renewals and invoices.
Collate the returns and send out certificates and receipts.

A two-year limit will be placed on any office.

All will be eligible for re-election.

The Chairperson can only be elected from the existing Executive Committee.

A retiring Chairperson will revert to Immediate Past Chairperson.

Executive Committee
The Officers listed above shall form the Executive Committee and shall be eligible for election or re-election at the Annual General Meeting which shall be held in May of each year.

The Health and Safety Executive representatives may attend meetings of the Executive Committee as full voting members.

The Executive Committee meetings are held at 12.30pm prior to each group meeting.
A minimum of five elected officers, one of which shall be Chairman or Vice-Chairman, shall form a Quorum at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

If neither Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson is available a chairperson shall be appointed from those present.

Non attendance by an Executive Committee Member at three consecutive Executive Committee Meetings shall be considered to be the resignation of that member from the Executive Committee unless reasons acceptable to the committee are furnished.

Any Member guilty of malpractice, which could reflect on the integrity of the Group, shall be asked to resign forthwith. If resignation is not forthcoming the Committee may dismiss that Member.


A subscription of £50.00 per annum has been agreed.

The Subscription will be put forward for ratification at each Annual General Meeting.

Audited Accounts and a General Report for the year ending 31st March each year, shall be submitted at each Annual General Meeting.

Two persons representing members of the Group shall be elected as auditors for the ensuing year at each Annual General Meeting.

Any body not having paid the subscriptions within 3 months of the due date will automatically cease to be a member.

In the event of the Group winding up, any residual funds shall be paid to the North West Safety Initiative or other similar Body.

The Accounts will be externally audited every other year.


Meetings will be held on the second Monday of every month,or as directed by the Committee.

The Executive Committee will meet prior to the General Meetings (only Executive Committee Members may attend these meetings – other than by invitation).

An Extraordinary Meeting may be called by the General Secretary at the request of the Chairperson or Six Group Members.


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