The last Meeting was 12th February

data protection image

The main topic for the meeting is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which supersedes the Data Protection Act in May 2018.

This was delivered by David Mackay of Pro Networks, thank you for a detailed and understandable approach to the subject.

GDPR Clinic feb 2018

  • The new GDPR regulation brings certain obligations and duties to businesses regarding their handling of personal data, and it provides 8 new rights for the data subjects (the people that the personal data relates to). There is a further set of duties placed on business to uphold those 8 new rights. The session will explain the new GDPR requirements and each of the 8 new rights, with pointers and links to further reading or information sources. It aims to provide practical guidance and structure so that delegates will be able understand what the GDPR means to them, and what they have to put in place to become compliant.

Our second speaker is from HSE regarding “Modern Slavery” one again thanks to the HSE  for consistently supporting the group. Modern Slavery presentation Feb18


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