The last meeting was April the 8th

Jo Bradley from SDS gave an excellent presentation on environmental matters and her presentation is available on request, she set some challenges for us to consider and these are listed below see how many you can encourage your company to do and if nothing else have a go at the 10th challenge for you own personal wellbeing

1.     Collect rain water and use it for e.g. toilet flushing

2.     Plant trees or give a donation to<>tree-plant

3.     Install an owl tower…/wildlife-<…/wildlife->tower

4.     Install swift bricks…/help-<…/help->swifts/swift-bricks.pdf

5.     Install a bat box…/garden-activities/builda<…/garden-activities/builda>batbox

6.     Put a pond in your grounds or new build site

7.     Keep your site water clean

8.     Install a weed bed

9.     Install a rain garden

10. Take a walk in nature and improve your wellbeing


The next meeting is May 13th – information will be posted shortly




The next meeting is April 8th

Environment matters!  looking at best practice with environmental issues

Support for Environmental Matters

Jo Bradley works for a sustainable drainage company and some of you will remember that she  worked for the Environment Agency for many years in the North West.

She is visiting the meeting to give us an update on environment regulation and support and the topics that are capturing the headlines at the moment.  Although she doesn’t have information from ‘inside’ the Agency any more, she can provide a different perspective now she works closely with contractors on construction sites, installing drainage systems. Some of the items of interest will include Enforcement Undertakings and pollution incident data.

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Tea and coffee is available from 1.30 pm in the lobby with the meeting start time of at 1.45 pm

The last meeting was February 11th

The topic for the month was Workplace Transport.

Unfortunately our main speaker from Aviva Risk Management Solutions had to cancel at short notice. The group took the opportunity to discuss workplace transport for construction sites and the implications of accidents relating to workplace transport.

In addition there was a briefing on the future of CPCS as a Card scheme and CPA dumper guidance.

The meeting was constructive with contributions from most of the attendees.

Please note new start times for future meetings.

Tea and coffee is available from 1.30 pm in the lobby with the meeting start time of at 1.45 pm

Guilty or Not Guilty – What’s your verdict? by WWT Merseyside,Manchester and Cheshire

The Merseyside Manchester & Cheshire WWT Group / CHSI are holding a Mock Trial at St Georges Hall Liverpool on Tuesday 5th March,

This does involve the collapse of an excavation with fatal consequences, this will be an interesting event / trial which will give attendees the opportunity to discuss the possible verdicts / prosecutions at the end of the trial before summing up.

Click on the link below for more information & details on how to book tickets for the event / mock trial.


The Last Meeting was November 12th

The Topic for the meeting was temporary Works

Many thanks to Ray Gold of RDG Engineering (TW) Ltd – Ray provided a presentation/discussion covering the evolving processes in design and management of the temporary works and scaffolding. Including current design processes, design codes, design checking and TWC/TWS duties.

Click to see presentation Presentation 12-11-18

Many thanks to our second speaker Heath Mchugh from MGF Excavation Safety Solutions –

Heath  discussed their available products for excavation safety solutions and issues regarding Excavation safety.


Please note new start times for meetings.

Tea and coffee is available from 1.30 pm in the lobby with the meeting start time of at 1.45 pm